User-Contributed Protocol Specifications

The following protocol specifications have been independently developed by users of the AVISPA Tool. If you have comments or feedback on these specifications, please contact directly the authors. If you are an AVISPA user and wish to add your protocol specifications to this list, please send them to the avispa-users mailing list (Email Subject: user-contributed protocol specification, template).

Ensured Confidentiality Authentication and Key Agreement by Jacques Bou Abdo - Notre Dame University, Jacques Demerjian - Antonine University, Hakima Chaouchi - Telecom SudParis

Contact: jbouabdo at ndu dot edu dot lb - jacques dot demerjian at upa dot edu dot lb - hakima dot chaouchi at telecom dash sudparis dot eu

Mobile Payment Protocol by Matteo Ratini - University of Roma Tre

Contact: matteo dot it at gmail dot com

SAML-based Single Sign-On for Google Apps by Riccardo Di Stasi, Marino Miculan - UniversitÓ degli Studi di Udine

Contact: distasi dot riccardo at spes dot uniud dot it - marino dot miculan at dimi dot uniud dot it
AVISPA is a Shared Cost RTD (FET open) project funded by the Information Society Technologies programme of the European Commission, as IST-2001-39252.