The AVISPA-USERS community


Since the release of the Avispa Tool, the Avispa community has been continuously growing. The tool itself has been used both for research and for teaching purposes in major academic institutes and research centres around the world.

Given that, it is our feeling that a mailing list alone does not suffice anymore, and that the community of those who actively use the Avispa Tool could be strengthened and hopefully enlarged by a community manager.

Community manager

First of all, the Avispa Users community manager allows its members to locate each other. Also, it allows the members to maintain a web page where they can explain the use they make of the Avispa Tool and/or show the results they obtained, and so on. Indeed, it is a more powerful and expressive way to advertise the own results and to share them with the other members of the community.


If you want to join the community, you just need to subscribe by following the instructions on the right hand side of the page at

If you do not have Macromedia Flash Player, click here to see the Avispa Users map. If you have it, well, here's a snapshot of the community: