The AVISPA Project

Automated Validation of
Internet Security Protocols and Applications

The AVISPA tool v. 1.1 download

Welcome to the AVISPA download form. In order to POST a copy of the AVISPA tool, we ask you to fill in the following form to the required degree of detail. In particular, red fields are mandatory; moreover, you can choose to authorize us to publish your name among the AVISPA users, and to be enlisted in our AVISPA users mailing list. Members of this list will receive upgrade notifications and will be able to send bug reports and start discussions.
New: Please note that there's one more tool for the Avispa Community Members, namely the FRAPPR Avispa Community Manager! Please take a tour by following, and feel free to subscribe! For more information about our community, please follow this link.

Please notice, it is important to us to have reliable statistics about the acceptance of AVISPA in the scientific / industrial community. Therefore, please fill the form honestly. Upon submission of the form, you will be sent an email containing a temporary link to the AVISPA tool, using which you will be able to start your download.

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For any enquiry about the download and the AVISPA Project please contact
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