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AVISPA stands for Automated Validation of Internet Security Protocols and Applications.

The AVISPA project aims at developing a push-button, industrial-strength technology for the analysis of large-scale Internet security-sensitive protocols and applications.

This website contains all relevant information about AVISPA for project members, interested third parties and scientists worldwide.

The AVANTSSAR project: a follow-up to the AVISPA project

AVANTSSAR proposes a rigorous technology for the formal specification and Automated VAlidatioN of Trust and Security of Service-oriented ARchitectures. This technology will be automated into an integrated toolset, the AVANTSSAR Validation Platform, tuned on relevant industrial case studies.


SPAN, the Security Protocol ANimator for AVISPA, has been released!

SPAN is designed to help protocol developers in writing HLPSL specifications. From an HLPSL specification SPAN helps in interactively buiding Message Sequence Charts (MSC) of the protocol execution. Since SPAN implements an active intruder, it can also be used to interactively find and build attacks over protocols

Download SPAN



Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, DIST, University of Genova, Italy
ETHZ Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zuerich (ETHZ), Information Security Group, Department of Computer Science, Zuerich, Switzerland.
CASSIS, joint INRIA team from LORIA Nancy and LIFC Besancon, France.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Munich, Germany


The AVISPA Project is funded by the European Union in the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET Open) programme in the context of the Information Society Technologies (IST) priority. Project Number: IST-2001-39252.

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